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"I am sure if we contact Red alert he will find a way to change us back."

Jetfire was pretty much deaf to his pleads, once he got frustrated it was hard to calm him down. He quickly followed his friend to the kitchen and still puzzled he looked down at him. If Jetfire wasn’t so angry (and Optimus worried for him) the Prime would find this scene quite amusing. Smaller than usual shuttle was standing at the tip of his pedes trying to reach one of the higher shelves where some of the stronger energon was stored.

"Jetfire please.” He asked once again reaching for one of the cubes and placing it down on the counter. “The situation doesn’t seem as bad as you think it is.”

The shuttle growled as he snatched the cube of high grade, removing his mask, downing the whole thing and replacing his mask just as quick.

“Call him then! I’m getting a chair to reach the high self.”

Grumbling as he stomped off, the shuttle went out in search of a chair. Only to find it was too heavy for him. This day was going to the death of him.

“Optimus! Get in here and help me move this chair!”

Wings tense, the now ‘tiny’ SIC was fuming at how big everything was compared to him now.

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Little did Jetfire know Prime wasn’t in the flat when he came back. The meeting at the Autobot HQ lasted way longer than everyone wanted, because of the difficulties connected with the recent Decepticon problem. Everyone in the gathering had their own ideas how to solve the existing difficulty and the lack of understanding between them dragged the meeting forever. Optimus did his best to try and solve the conflict, but he wasn’t a very skilled diplomat, at least not as skilled as everyone wanted him to be.

He sighed resigned opening the doors to Jetfire’s apartment. At last a bit of peace. Tired he went into the office to leave the datapads on the desk to look through them again in the morning, but for now he needed rest. It was just so hard to be a wise leader without the help of his most trusted advisers like…


Prime froze in the office’s doors, staring into the familiar shape resting on the sofa. He didn’t noticed it at first, being too absorbed in his own thoughts but now he was staring just straight at it. He rubbed his optics quickly. Was he imagining things? Or was he really there?

The shuttle had fallen into recharge as he was lounging on the sofa, the now empty energon cube had fallen to the floor. If he was awake, the shuttle would have jumped at the others presence and expected a huge argument to happen. It was only fair after all, Jetfire caused murder when Optimus left.

But for now, the SIC was resting peacefully on the large sofa, it was the right size for him but to everyone else it was huge, finding large enough items for his home had been difficult.

There was a snort from the flier as his name was called, an arm covering his helm as he wasn’t ready to online just yet.

“Five more minutes, I’ll do it then.”

Do what he wasn’t exactly sure but being the SIC meant someone always wanted something from you. It had yet to dawn on him that he was back home and might have been missed.

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Forgive me.

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It had been a long flight home, the shuttle was tired and slightly dented as he landed on the balcony of his large apartment. It was still dark out, so he would have to be silent and not wake everyone up as he made his way indoors.

Surprisingly silent for a mech so big, all those nights of sneaking out had paid off, Jetfire entered the living room and stretched. In the corner of his optics he could see the kittens sleeping peacefully, guess Optimus stayed. Which meant, Jetfire was on the sofa.

Shrugging, the shuttle moved to the kitchen and helped himself to some energon. Jetfire had brought his own supply with him for his departure so he wasn’t too low, it was only that damn meteor shower that caught him off guard, hence the minor dents. Luckily Jetfire was a skilled flier and escaped without too much damage.

Cleaning up his mess, the shuttle returned to the living room. He could check on Optimus but sometimes that mech was such a light sleeper and he really didn’t want an argument at this hour. It would be best to rest on the sofa until morning, then he and Optimus could talk and he could get some well-earned recharge.

Lounging on the sofa the shuttle relaxed his optics. 

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Anonymous said: ♤☻☼

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

Jetfire can cook he’s not the best cook in the world but he gets by.

☻ : Mood headcanon

Right now Jetfire is angry at Optimus. Jetfire does not take people leaving well, especially ones he cares about. It’ll take a while for him to forgive Optimus, fully.

With SG Jetfire, he’s happy to have found someone who has some similarities with him. All of his other counterparts are scientists. Jetfire is smart, just not science smart.

Ultra Magnus is another SIC, he seems uptight. Time for some fun.

☼ : Childhood headcanon

Jetfire was the history nerd, more to point, war history. He would spend hours in the library reading about past war strategies and the such. He still reads about them today but tells no one.

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i-willraisehell said: ☮, ♤, ☄ (catholic monastery)

☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Jetfire likes warm fluffy things. While he loves the freedom of space, it’s cold and sometimes he just wants to curl up in a nice warm bed. So his bedroom has a large bed that is covered in warm cushions and pillows and blankets, a huge bed because he is a huge bot of course.

His apartment is modern and clean, he has a large sofa too, handy seeing as he sleeps on it now. His office is organised and sadly the warmest room in the apartment. If he gets too warm, Jetfire falls asleep, so he doesn’t like to use his office and he hates paperwork, it’s boring.

Jetfire also has a large balcony, is apartment is huge, so he can star gaze if there comes a time where he can’t go into space. Being the SIC, this happens a lot, so he spends a lot of time just star gazing.

 ♤ :  Cooking headcanon

Jetfire can cook he’s not the best cook in the world but he gets by.

☄ : Any AU headcanon

Jetfire would be the hot sexy nun, who later turns out to be the devil sent to corrupt you all with the sexy ways.

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 : Drinking/drunk headcanon

 : Childhood headcanon

 : Genderbent headcanon

 : Sex headcanon

 : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

 : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)

 :  Cooking headcanon

 : Mood headcanon

 : Any other question of your choosing

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